Christmas Spirit in Pakistan

With Christmas being the most awaited festivity of the year around the world, it is celebrated with a lot of love and enthusiasm with preparations starting from mid-November. From festive markets, to Christmas trees being put up and decorated with so much passion and love, to gatherings held with near and dear ones to celebrate this auspicious event.  

[caption id="attachment_28643" align="aligncenter" width="635"] Pakistani children decorate a Christmas tree at the St John’s Cathedral Church in Peshawar on December 24, 2016, ahead of Christmas. / AFP PHOTO / ABDUL MAJEED[/caption]

Markets, hotels, coffee shops, offices and streets are decorated to attract passerby’s. In different cities of Pakistan, the churches organize big processions. St. Anthony’s Church in Lahore is well known for this. Before and during Advent, spiritual seminars take place to help people to prepare for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Churches are packed for the midnight or vigil-mass services. The choirs sing very special hymns and carols. After the vigil-mass to kick off the occasion, there are usually fireworks, people dance and celebrate, exchange hugs along with presents and enjoy their Christmas spirit with loved ones.



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