Celebrities On Their Everyday Fitness Routines During Lockdown

In the time where gyms are closed because of the outbreak of Covid-19, we spoke to our favourite celebrities to see how they keep fit every day! 

Junaid Khan

Given that we are staying at home during the lockdown, with very little room for natural movements, I am trying to keep a very healthy diet. Along with that, I have a daily schedule that includes a moderate workout to keep fit, as well as burn calories and energy. I also  ensure I maintain a healthy sleep cycle to stay healthy both mentally and physically as this can get overwhelming at times.

Wahaj Ali

When the lockdown was announced, I was very anxious about the gym being closed and how I would deal with the shutdown, but now my workout routine is going really well! I am able to exercise everyday ! I am able to keep a good check on my diet as well. Detox is something one can do; along with weight training with small weights at home and crossfit  that’s amazing. Stay positive and take out quality exercise time for yourself.

Hareem Farooq

I have a 20-minute cardio routine that I do four days a week and since the streets are very empty, I put on my protection gear, which is a mask and gloves, and I go out for a run for half-an–hour.


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