Caution Advised As Heatwave Expected In Karachi This Weekend

With Cyclone Vayu playing havoc in the Arabian Sea, it’s disturbing patterns will cause the heat and humidity to rise in Pakistan’s coastal city.

Now there is no chance of Vayu hitting Karachi, since the system is now moving North-West — yet its impact will be felt in the additionally hot weather. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (Met) has issued a warning regarding the tropical cyclone and has also warned fishermen from Sindh against venturing into the open sea until Friday.

While the cyclone threatened the western Indian state of Gujarat, it has changed course and is now expected to just brush past the coast, Indian authorities said on Thursday, although ports and coastal airports remained shut. The cyclone had been expected to hit the Gujarat coast, and officials called for more than 300,000 people to move out of low-lying areas and for airports to suspend operations. Railway authorities cancelled more than 70 train services and restricted more than two dozen others while sea ports shut and some large refineries owned by Reliance Industries and Nayara Energy were also put on alert.


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