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DIY Home-Made Sanitizer

April 9, 2020 Safa Adnan 0

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, hand sanitizers have suddenly become a must need for everyone. Most retailers can’t keep up with the demand for hand sanitizers and are sold out almost all […]

DIY Face Mask For Instant Glow

March 31, 2020 Maha Kamal Khan 0

HELLO! spoke to a go-to skin specialist for many celebrities, an aesthetic specialist and CEO of a well-known skin care clinic in Islamabad, who shared his favourite DIY face mask recipe and skincare tips for […]

3 DIY face masks, beauty for less!

August 5, 2017 Webdesk 0

Need a recipe for beautiful skin? Look no further than your own kitchen! Here are three DIY recipes for face masks: 1) Aspirin mask for breakout: A perfect mask to use when you are experiencing […]

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