California Earthquake Update: ‘Big One’ Will Be Much Worse

If you have been following the news this week, then you probably know about the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that rocked Southern California on 4th of July weekend. This was the largest earthquake the sunny state has had in 20 years. The quake initially occurred in Ridgecrest County, and fortunately there were no deaths, major injuries, or damage reported. Seismologists have warned that Californians should prepare for the ‘Big One’, which is more inevitable now more than ever with the back-to-back tremors.

What is the ‘Big One’? It’s an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude or higher, which when occurs will hit the San Andreas Fault – A boundary divided into three within the tectonic plate, which runs along the state of California. Therefore such a quake poses as a major threat to the human civilization that reside within 50-100 miles from the location of the impact zone, and cities that are at risk include Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco.

Governor Gavin Newsom expressed that the government need to strengthen their alert systems, to make sure that the residents are prepared to tackle another earthquake.

“It is a wake-up call for the rest of the state and other parts of the nation, frankly,” Newsom said while speaking at a news conference and expressed relief that no major damage was done.


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