British-Pakistani Musician Zaheer Abbas Khan Is Back With Another Track

Allah Jal-e-Shan is a classical fusion track by British-Pakistani singer and songwriter Zaheer Abbas khan. The song and video focuses on the issue of mobile phone addiction.

The concept behind Allah Jal-e-Shan’s music video is to raise awareness on the use of technology and the effects it has on human behaviour. The video is aimed at raising awareness around Nomophobia. “We should all be mindful of our use of technology and ensure we keep our mental health in check. With mindfulness and spirituality, we can all ensure we're living a healthy life”, says Zaheer.

The main theme of the video shows the protagonist roaming the streets of London in a strait jacket with mobile phones mounted to his neck completely oblivious to his surroundings. The video resumes and reaches a final conclusion where through mindfulness and spirituality, the protagonist wakes up from his state of ‘robotic wondering’ and lets himself out of the strait jacket and sets himself free.

“I am to raise awareness of over stimulation of the brain and mobile phone addiction”.

Watch Zaheer talk more in depth about his video here

Watch the music video here:

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