The Book Every Young Girl Needs To Read: A Girl Called Genghis Khan

A Girl Called Genghis Khan: How Maria Toorpakai Wazir Pretended To Be A Boy, defied the Taliban, and became a world famous squash player.


Maria, a Pakistani girl who braved threats from the Taliban in order to play the sport she loved. She received an award from the President of Pakistan for outstanding achievement. Even though the Taliban threatened her squash club, her family, and her life, Maria did whatever she could in her power to chase her dreams. This children’s picture book is written by Michelle Lord and illustrated by Shehzil Malik. Every young girl needs to read this book, and just like Maria, to not be afraid and reach for the stars. Shehzil is a Pakistani designer and illustrator who focuses on social issues in the country through her bold artwork and also her posters were seen in this year’s Aurat March.

This book will be available for purchase by the end of September.


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