Biggest Hair Accessory Trends

The 90s hair accessories trend is bigger than ever, despite that fact that we may have maxed out on trends from that era!  These bedazzling hair accessories can be worn with desi outfits or with a western look! See what you like and try on these accessories! 

Big Headbands 

Pretty big in the 90s, you probably saw actresses from Pakistani TV drama serials, rocking these chic oversized headbands, making them look really cool with our traditional attire. Many influencers and celebrities are now seen in this stylish and versatile headband which can be worn with curls, straight hair, braids, ponytails and even buns. 


A trend from the famous fashion era of the 80s which is now bigger than ever. You can wear it with top knot bun, half knot or just throw it on your wrist for that cool and chic vibe. 


You must have seen this trend all over Social Media, from our local celebrities to international celebrities and influencers, this trend has been worn by everyone. You can rock statement clips in any form, from pearl, bejewelled to metallic ones, try this one to add that panache to any of your boring looks


Simple yet very stylish at the same time, you can wear this trend in any size. Whether you like a big bow or small, it can add a perfect glam to any of your hairstyles from half-up-half-down ponytails, braids or a simple ponytail. 


We hope you try these hair accessories and rock these trendy pieces with your chic looks. 


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