Easy DIY Dips

July 19, 2016 Hajra Hammad 0

Who doesn’t love dips? I’m sure all of you desi’s are sick of ketchup and fries so let’s jazz it up a bit. Make these easy DIY dips to impress friends and family. Sour cream […]

Why Bananas Are a Super Food

July 19, 2016 Hajra Hammad 0

Bananas are sweet fruits which give instant energy and are available all year round. They have made it to a list of super foods in many health magazines so make sure you get your banana […]


July 14, 2016 Hajra Hammad 0

If only true love was as pure as Disney movies really portray. Singletons all over the world are venting out their feelings on why they are single on Twitter. Posted with the trending hashtag #SingleBecause, […]

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