Armeena Khan Calls Out Followers For Hating On Her ‘Dark Skinned’ British Bae

Armeena Khan officially announced her engagement to her British beau, Fesl Khan in July this year. She took to Instagram to break the big news to her fans with a picture of him proposing in Cuba. 


…and he got down on his knee…I said “yes!!!” #Happy #Engaged #Bae #Cuba #Paradise #Pink

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Ever since, the Bin Roye starlet has posted many pictures with her ‘bae’. However, not everyone has been able to appreciate his looks and this caused Armeena to call out some people for their hate comments towards Fesl.

Armeena posted a picture with him on her Instagram from the IPPA event.

The wrote, “I am really sad today, in fact, I feel sick to my stomach.” Are people really still doing this?!

She shared information about Fesl’s well reputed background and explained how he is loved regardless of his skin tone- “Fesl is a public figure in the U.K. too and is loved by a lot of his followers.”

“I have never, EVER come across a white person ridiculing him for his skin. When I exposed him to the Pakistani public, many were complimentary yet many derogatory towards him due to his complexion.”

“I am so embarrassed to get this from my own people,” she added.

My first open #Blog. #Discrimination #Skincolour #ArmeenaKhan #Sicktomystomach #Beingdarkskinnedisntacrime

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