Are Dolce & Gabbana Really Milan Fashion Show’s ‘Champions Of Diversity’?


The battle for the biggest and boldest designer of Spring 2019 continues. However, with the recent Milan fashion week, Dolce & Gabbana have surely earned the title of being the greatest champions of diversity. The veteran Italian actors Monica Bellucci and Isabella Rossellini, the plus-size model Ashley Graham, and Emma Weymouth, the first black viscountess in Britain, were included in a model line-up that celebrated glamour beyond the catwalk norm.

In the past the designers have defended Melania Trump’s choice of a $51,000 jacket, called IVF babies “synthetic”, and have also been accused of fat-shaming and cultural appropriation. Yet, they earn this title – rather thought provoking?

The core message was not about politics or ethics but rather a reminder that everyone looks glamorous in a carefully-constructed black lace cocktail dress or a floral print or a tailored evening suit. Which ironically, are exactly the clothes that Dolce & Gabbana are renowned for.

This was represented via a diverse range of models: same-sex couples, babies in arms, a bride who wore white trainers under her flowy gown and gold headphones instead of a tiara.


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