Apartment #746, that ‘Hot Mess’

The play opens up in an apartment during power cut, with a doting young couple in love desperately longing to get married soon. Apparently all the furniture and fancy stuff lying around has been picked up from a gay neighbour’s lush flat who was not supposed to be in town until he just shows up out of nowhere the same night when the heroine’s father is to visit, as the couple fishes for his approval. Around the same time some richie-rich Sheikh from Qatar is expected to come over too and buy the hero’s paintings and in turn make him richie-rich too!

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Only, the Sheikh doesn’t show up and an electrician comes over instead with the same name and hence is mistaken for him by everyone in the mad house. Yes, by then the apartment #746 is flooded with everyone not supposed to be there from the flamboyant gay flying down a night earlier and luckily enough (or not so) is unable to see how the furniture in the house has been stolen from his place in the dark, to a middle-aged woman from next-door all smitten by the heroine’s father – the dashing army higher-up (and vice versa) to another girl the hero is cheating on his supposed wife-to-be with, its an all-out hot mess!

[video width="848" height="480" mp4="http://hellopakistanmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/WhatsApp-Video-2018-08-06-at-1.47.33-PM.mp4"][/video]

Trails of loud laughter kept rolling in the hall, thanks to the hilarious physical-comedy, overt reactions by the artists and thoroughly amusing dialogues thrown our way back to back. Apartment #746 by Stage Nomad Productions is the Urdu adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s play Black Comedy. It’s playing till August 19, 2018 at FTC, Karachi and is one’s time well-spent.

[video width="848" height="480" mp4="http://hellopakistanmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/WhatsApp-Video-2018-08-06-at-1.47.39-PM.mp4"][/video]

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