Animal Rights Activists Stood Up For A Very Important Cause In Islamabad

A peaceful protest against animal cruelty took place yesterday in Islamabad with the hopes of letting higher authorities know about the cruelty being done in the city’s pet markets and zoo.

The event was hosted by Pakistan Animal Rights Organization and Critters Ark welfare Organization.

Immediate legal action should be taken against:

1- Dog Culling.
2- Pet Markets across the country.
3- Prioritize zoo maintenance across the country.

Activist Timothy Todd Shea, CEO of CDRS organization said, “Please support animal organization in Pakistan. You need to take care of stray animals. You need to do what Turkey does Trap-Neuter-Release and this is the most main way to deal with the problem so that the population comes down naturally and we can take care better who are left behind. I have seen how they are doing in Turkey and it is amazing.”

Do your part and take out some time out to help these voiceless animals. Spread the word as this can go a long way.



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