Altaf Maaneshia Is Definitely A Visionary To Follow With ‘Stitch Bonded’

Talented Pakistan-based international designer Altaf Maaneshia stays on trend with his latest clothing brand, ‘Stitch Bonded’. The designer previously had his own luxury brand titled as his namesake ‘Altaf Maaneshia’. His work could be defined as sassy, sexy and trendy. With designs which have been showcased in New York Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Maaneshia now wanted to expand his horizons by launching his first streetwear brand.

‘Stitch Bonded’ was created to bring the designer’s vision to the streets. In order to refresh his creative palette, Maaneshia thought it was important to further introduce lifestyle streetwear which was hip, happening, fresh and fun. Everything any Gen Z or millennial would love. This label helps him democratize fashion by making it accessible to people in their everyday lives.

Maaneshia has previously stated that he chose the title of the brand not only because it’s a fashion term but also because he wanted to see the brand transform into that bond which surpasses race, ethnicity, cultures and castes much like the ‘Stitch Bonded’ fabric.

The apparel is said to have a lot of graphic work, comfort, lifestyle design and something that you could wear in your daily life on a regular basis. The designer made a conscious decision to opt for Pakistani manufactured products. Since Pakistan has been not nearly as accredited as it deserves for its textile industry. With a stunning array of fabrics and designs, he felt that it was important to showcase this talent through his platform.

Maaneshia has stated that he chooses to be an international designer who owns as well as promotes his country’s textile industry further because he knows for a fact that it produces some of the best products in the world.

‘Stitch Bonded’ is custom designed clothing which optimizes streetwear, fashion and lifestyle. The clothing line will have pieces such as graphic t-shirts and statement cut jeans meant to be worn anywhere in daily life. Altaf Maaneshia is definitely a visionary to follow, we can’t wait to check out his latest brand!





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