Ali Hamza’s ‘Sanwal’ Produced by Salt Arts Plays To a Packed Audience in Karachi

Ali Hamza of the famous duo band Noori is on his solo tour of Karachi presenting ‘Sanwal’ produced by Salt Arts

Ali Hamza of the duo Noori fame launched his first solo tour of Karachi produced by Salt Arts. The first show held last night, Wednesday 14, December was attended by an enthusiastic audience across ages.



‘Sanwal’ is Ali Hamza’s introspective musical journey inspired by the memory of sound and poetics. ‘As a collaborator and curator working with Hamza has been a real chemical mix – he is perceptive, gentle and a seasoned artist,’ says Salt Art Curator Rania Azam Khan Durrani exclusively to Hello!

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Rania co-founded Salt Arts in 2015, with the vision to strengthen audiences, create inter-cultural exchange and develop sub-cultures via music, creative expression and technology, in Pakistan, South Asia and beyond.

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Rania Durrani’s rendition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry sung in memoriam for Sabeen Mahmud, arranged by Ali Hamza

The second and final show of the tour will take place tonight at Cafe Flo. The show sold overnight three weeks ago. ‘A real aha moment for all of us involved,’ says Rania.

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