Karachi United Women’s Team Kicking Goals As They Rise

When it comes to footwork on the football field, Karachi women are on par with men.

Just recently the squad released a viral video of them taking on the ‘mannequin challenge’ – the latest social media buzz where people freeze mid-action while a video is being taken. As the Karachi United Women’s Division team members take on this challenge, their statue poses are proof of their athletic abilities.

In September, Karachi United Women’s Division went to Berlin to represent the country in the International Women’s Football Cultural Festival. They were avidly involved in panel discussions, debates and addressed ideas relating to women’s football and its challenges. The girls also participated in a tournament with women from nine other countries. The objective of the tournament was to promote fair play and integrate different communities to aid collaboration.

They also met the German chancellor , Angela Merkel and the Pakistani Ambassador to Germany, Jauhar Saleem.

[video width="426" height="426" mp4="http://hellopakistanmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/15180358_1694045697574451_7593925190656983040_n.mp4"][/video]

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