Salima Hashmi Awarded An Honorary Doctorate of Bath Spa University

Contemporary art historian and veteran artist, Professor Salima Hashmi has been awarded an honorary doctorate of Bath Spa University at a ceremony in Bath Abbey.

The press release stated: The dean of Bath School of Art and Design, Anita Taylor proposed Professor Hashmi. It was Bath Spa’s new Chancellor, Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons who awarded Professor Hashmi with her doctorate.

Presenting her, Professor Taylor said: “Salima Hashmi has consistently tested artistic boundaries and encouraged others to do the same.

“She has made a significant contribution within contemporary art, education, politics and society; and we, at Bath Spa University, are proud to be associated with her.”

Following this, Professor Hashmi who is also the member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, spoke about the progression of art in Pakistani society and the influence of socio-political factors.

Earlier, she had presented her work and collection on contemporary art called, ‘The Eye Still Seeks’ that told voiceless stories through miniature art.


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