The Dreamy-Eyed Chai Wala Lands His First Modeling Contract

The dreamy eyed chai-wala who had taken the internet by storm has landed a modeling contract. 

“Arshad chai wala will be working for fitin as a model,” an online shopping store in Islamabad,, posted on their Facebook page.

The online shopping store in Islamabad was quick to share several pictures of the chai-wala, named Arshad, dressed fashionably.

The company announced in its post that Arshad will be working as a model for its ‘full version launch’. The online retail store in a witty tag line said,

“Chai wala is no more chai wala, now he is fashion wala!”

According to his Twitter profile, Arshad is now active on social media in an attempt to keep in touch with his fans. The account description reads,

 “This page is managed by team Arshad Khan all tweets posts here are signed by him. Keep in touch with us on hashtags”.

Though Arshad had never expected to become famous overnight, he is extremely pleased with his recent success. He also aspires to become a Hollywood actor in the future.


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