This Chai Wala From Islamabad is The Latest Internet Sensation

When Islamabad based photographer, Javeria Ali shared a picture of a chai-wala spotted at a tea stall in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar on Instagram, she had no idea what she was in for. 

The photo of the chai-wala from Pakistan’s capital city immediately took the internet by storm; his good looks, especially his blue eyes sent has sent Twitter users into a frenzy.


As reports suggest, photographer Javeria Ali said she found the viral sensation during a photo-walk she attended a few months ago, but posted the photo on her Instagram page recently. Though, she didn’t expect the picture to go viral, others saw the potential as a Twitter user @albatrouz_ shared it on social media after which it went viral. When Javeria noticed this she later posted a few more images of the tea-seller with her watermark, after which he became the internet sensation. The seller’s photo has become the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan with hashtag #ChaiWala.

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