Pakistani Visual Artist Wins Gold Medal at New York Film Festival

The digital age is all about providing an unforgettable visual experience via unfathomable and innovative stunts. The brains behind this enjoyable experience are of course the visual artists or directors who amidst the adventure and excitement often go unnoticed. 

Recently a visual artist, Faisal Shaukat, from Pakistan got acknowledged for his efforts at the New York Film Festival. He won a gold medal for his work beating eight ace directors across the globe. His talent and creative creations have won him nine awards up till now. The most notable works of Faisal include animated campaigns for French open, US open, Thor and Star Wars.

In 2008, he visited Singapore and earned the art of graphic alongside launching his own start up. Moreover, what is interesting to note here is that he has always made a conscious effort to hire Pakistanis in his projects.

As reports suggest, he believes that there is a lot of potential in the Pakistani youth and therefore, their efforts should be highlighted. He emphasises the significance of hard work and determination and believes that each one should strive to do something great in their lives.


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