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Swami Sivananda once said, “Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way “.

I truly believe in this. It is as simple. As we get older, we spend hundreds of dollars on our health. Sometimes it’s a trivial yet painful tooth extraction but other times it is a major heart surgery. If not in Pakistan, we are willing to travel across the globe, spend yet another few thousands in an attempt to prolong our lives. Understandably, when it comes to health we are willing to spend all our savings because what’s a greater gift than a healthy life?

However, what we forget is, we must not only pay attention to our health when we absolutely have to but we should make it a practice each day to dedicate time to our health and well being. And, yoga does exactly that. If I was to define it in a single sentence, yoga is the suspension of the modifications of the mind. If we can control our mind, we can surely live ten years more.

All of this made sense to me when I attended my first few yoga classes. Controlling the mind is not possible without controlling the prana. Prana is a yogic term for vital energy. We can easily see this connection if we observe the breath of a person engaged in deep thinking or meditation. The breathing will be slow or in some cases be suspended altogether. When the mind is affected by negative emotions, the breathing becomes irregular and unsteady.


Hatha yoga gives attention to the physical body, which it sees as the vehicle of the souls existence and activity. Purity of mind is not possible without purity of body in which it dwells and by which it is affected. By the practice of asanas and pranayama, the mind becomes one-pointed and one can progress quickly in concentration and meditation.

By nature, the mind is unsteady and easily distracted. It is quick to be affected by the things it sees, hears and experiences through the senses. And, in order to get control over the mind, Hatha yoga teaches various pranayama or breathing techniques. Once we have mastered how to control the prana, we are able to control the mind and therefore be in a state of peace or a better place at least mentally.

My journey started in 2012 when I attended my first Hatha yoga teachers training in London. Since then I have travelled to Dubai, Singapore and United States for further trainings. And I just cannot get enough.


I’m a teacher of Hatha , vinyasa , pre and post natal yoga. I wake up every morning to a cup of warm herbal tea and my yoga mat and I cannot fall asleep at night unless I’ve done my night yoga practice. It’s medicinal for me and I make sure to do my practice on a very very busy or a sick day.

I believe it’s never too late to start yoga. I teach my dad who is 60+ to even my three-month-old baby. Yoga is for everyone.

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Meet Shazray: A former banker, a new mom with three yoga qualifications from London, Singapore and Dubai. Follow her on Instagram: @shazraysyoga

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