7 Sure Signs You’ve Got That ‘Friday Feeling’


It’s Friday and we all have the Friday feeling! It’s easy to know if you’ve caught the Friday feeling, here are symptoms that you should look out for!

1. You got our of bed easily by telling yourself it is FRIDAY and won’t have to budge tomorrow


2. You’ve been at work for hours at a stretch but only spent about ten minutes actually working


3. You will take an even longer lunch break than Friday brings with it and order something bold because you think you have made it through the week and deserve a treat!


4. Your Facebook newsfeed kind of looks like…

Screen shot 2016-08-26 at 1.31.22 PM

5. You’ve said “at least it’s Friday” to your colleagues or to yourself about three times at least!


6. You have calculated the minimum amount of work you have to do and after that you only need to look like you’re working…


7. Already made your plans and backup plans because nothing can stop you from celebrating this special day!


How many of these symptoms do you have? 


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