7 Things That Could Possibly Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day

Though every girl pictures her wedding day to be the most beautiful and joyful day of her life, hate to burst your bubble but let’s just say – it isn’t going to turn out exactly how you had imagined it to be. To give you a heads-up, we have rounded up all the worst case scenarios that you could possibly face.

1. Your makeup and hairstyle may not just turn out the way you had expected it to. Take 3 deep breaths, at least you will photograph well with all that cake on!makeup2. Your friends could decide that your mehendi is a perfect opportunity for them to air out their issues.23. It might just be more depressing than your ‘happily ever after’ with all those uncontrollable and unforeseen waterworks!34. Your younger sister may steal the limelight on your big day!45. Your wedding maybe the platform for other relationships to start or blossom, just when you thought it was all about your love story!56. One single frustrating moment could ruin everything!67. Brace yourself for uninvited guests and food lovers!10000Have something to add to this story? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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