A Pakistani Concert that ROCKED Qatar!

Qatar witnessed something like NEVER before on January 9, 2019 when PK Music Fest rocked the Qatar National Convention Centre! The lineup of the finest Pakistani artists included the legendary Strings, Ali Sethi and Quratulain Balouch. The crowd included diplomats, dignitaries and prominent members from both the Pakistani and Indian expat community. It was a sold-out show!

The show opened with Ali Sethi’s electrifying performance! Not only did the genius musician and artist perform, but he also explained the history and philosophy of the musical notes, beats and raags used in his songs; how music from the Middle East, Turkey, Persia and India amalgamated into the sound of modern-day Pakistani music. He acted as a true ambassador of Pakistani musical heritage! Ali Sethi’s performance was followed by the ‘Humsafar girl’ with a voice as melodious as can be! QB performed some of her popular Coke Studio numbers and the very beautiful Humsafar OST in her soulful and powerful voice.

Strings celebrated 30 years of their pop-rock band with their fans in Doha and made an unforgettable entrance on stage, which gave goosebumps to the crowd and caused sheer nostalgia to an entire generation who has grown up listening to their music. The entire audience was echoing to the sound of their brilliant music and vocals, and their performance left their fans screaming at the top of their lungs wanting more!

It was definitely one epic night that the expat Pakistani community of Qatar will NEVER forget and would always be proud of!

Author: Shehar Bano Rizvi

Photography: Sheril Photography & The PMP Mom’s Studio


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