The Feisty Fashionista Alyzeh Gabol Plays Dress Up With HELLO!

Model Diaries: Throwback to when the beautiful fashionista Alyzeh Gabol plays dress up exclusively for Hello!

What are your wardrobe staples?
My ripped jeans

What was your first stylish purchase?
I can’t recall the first one but my latest purchase is the mini ‘Lady Dior’ bag and I’m absolutely loving it!



Do you have a trademark accessory?
I think it would have to be earrings. I always feel incomplete if I’m not wearing my studs.

Which one style rule should all women break?
Wearing black during the day.

Which summer trends are you looking forward to the most?
Off the shoulder ruffle tops


If you could, which TV/movie character’s wardrobe would you raid?
I don’t think there’s any movie or TV character I’d pick, but if you asked about a famous personality, I would say Kate Middleton. I love her chic style!


How do you do your hair each day?
Simple blow-dry is always the most reliable. It looks good with everything!


Beauty essentials?
Cleanser, lipstick and mascara

What would you never wear?
Dungarees!! Just can’t stand them!


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