Nigar Awards Set To Take Place On March 16 After 15 Years


Before Lux or HUM, Nigar Awards were presented to the pioneers of the nation’s entertainment industry.

The awards that were first initiated in 1958 came to a halt in 2002 as the local film industry declined and now after a pause of 12 years on March 16 in Karachi, Pakistan’s oldest film awards are set to take place.

At a press conference, chairman Aslam Ilyas Rasheedi, said the 47th Nigar Awards would be held on March 16. According to him, he had been trying for the past 12 years to get a sponsor who could help out with the event, however eventually he realised he could do it himself after being encouraged by friends and family. He said this time around the awards would also have technical categories. Alongside, a jury had been set up to take important decisions. The underlying idea behind these prestigious awards is to recognise, acknowledge and encourage the young talent which is usually ignored.

The complete team consists of Kashif Warsi, Fahad Sherwani and Ali Rizvi. Kashif Warsi said it was surely a challenge for him to make the award show happen after 12 years, and now, to make it a successful one. He remarked: “Pakistan is Nigar and Nigar is Pakistan.”


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