Frozen Lakes in Gilgit-Baltistan Turn Into Playgrounds For Children


Winter in Pakistan brings along with it many little joys – while most revolve around devouring the delicious treats that the cold has to offer, others include fresh water lakes turning into playgrounds for children. With the Gilgit-Baltistan region’s temperature being dropped to as low as minus 14 degrees Celsius, the locals have yet another pass-time.  

Khalti Lake, located in Gupis valley of Ghizer district, usually freezes around November to March, giving children enough space to play around.

Along with children, elders also visit the lake to enjoy an evening out and spend some time there relaxing. Not only does the lake provide fresh drinking water to the local population but it serves as a recreation place for all.

There are other lakes like Baltoro, Hispar, Sadpara, and Attabad, which usually freeze in winter.


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