Atif Aslam Stops Concert Midway To Rescue A Girl From Being Harassed


Atif Aslam, Abida Parveen and Azim Azhar performed in Karachi on 14th January at a concert organised by IBA as part of their MUNIK (Model United Nations). Though, the much awaited night as expected was truly magical with the weather being on point, there were a few instances that left many alarmed. The excited crowd was out of control and along with the hullabaloo came gatecrashers and many women were harassed and molested. 

Here are some performances by the Aadat singer:

Things became so problematic at one point that Atif stopped midway during his performance when some women in the front row were being harassed and asked the girl to be ‘rescued’ and then told the boy to behave and respect women or else he would stop performing.

This gained respect for the singer from the audience and people across the city as the video went viral. Moreover, people were initially criticising Karachi Eat for implementing family-or women only policies of admission, however many people are now of the opinion that the harassment at public events such as the concert demands such regulations.


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