Hina Altaf: ‘Striving On Her Own’

March 27, 2019 0
A woman’s story of commitment, resilience & passion. Despite her bubbly and chirpy persona which was noticed during her early stint as a video jockey when she was only 18 years old, and later when [...]

Emmad Irfani’s Character as Shayan in Cheekh

Film & TV
March 29, 2019 0
The much-anticipated character of Emmad Irfani recently made an entry into the highly popular show ‘Cheekh’, amidst a lot of speculation about the kind of impact his role as ‘Shayan’ will be making in this [...]

8 Beauty Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

Health & Beauty
January 16, 2019 0
Everyone wants to look their best and be presentable; be it at a wedding, a formal dinner or even when hanging out with your best buds. Usually time is always crucial and most looks or tricks [...]
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    KHAS: A One Stop Solution For All

    How many times do you walk into a store thinking about the next place to go into to complete your shopping list? A dozen times right! Well one store that definitely saved us from shop [...]

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